Dooze Jackers

Grab the Electro/Tech elements of TECHJIO, shake a spot of DVP’s Funky freshness to it and what you get is the Doozer’s bashy house sound.

This DJ/Production Duo, (that’s Dooze Jackers to you) are slap bang in the middle of the forever growing “Laidback Luke Genre” known as DUTCH-HOUSE, which ironically bamboozles the compressors out of us when you consider that Alexandre Joseph & Frederik Durand are actually French born Canadian residents.

Whilst performing around various major venues in Canada and the U.S. including those sponsored by BBC Radio 1, the Doozers have firmly secured a spot in Rogue Industries’ release schedule with their MONSTER track “GOT LINE” which we can disclose will be hitting you in the face on July 22nd 2010.

To catch more of the cheeky monkeys (see logo for reference and stick a LOL on the end of that) simply visit … now Dooze as you’re told!


Dooze Jackers – Got Line / Oh!