The Secret Garden Party

I recently had the pleasure of getting to play at (and therefore attend) The Secret Garden Party festival. I cannot begin to express how amazing this festival is. Not only does it focus LESS on headliners than other festivals, it’s also managed to establish itself as a festival first and a music event second. Yes you’ve got to have bands, DJ’s and acts of a certain level in order to attract people to go, but SGP is so much more than just that.

Whether it’s through-provoking art installations, out and our randomness, theatrical performances, disco classics or the strangest electronic sounds you’ve ever heard, there’s definitely something interesting around every corner of the site. There’s so much to do across the 3 (or 4 if you’re a hardcore festivaler) days, whether you’re a hedonistic raver, an arty type, or even a family.

Some of my key highlights of the long weekend this year included some of the more interactive elements built into the site. This robot was not only a great piece of art, but also acted as a lookout that you could climb into to survey the site. Also The Blimp stood in the centre of the lake that divides the north and south sections of the site, and also doubled as a floating stage featuring DJs blasting out tunes on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The main event of the weekend for me was the now customary burning of the lake stage, and firework display which takes place on the Saturday night every year. This year The Blimp acted as a perfect focal point, starting with the release of hundreds of balloons before being lit on fire and the fireworks started. All around the lake were fire poi jugglers, and floating lanterns were released. It really is a spectacle to behold!

Of course there were musical highlights too. Both Echaskech and Si Begg on the Remix Bubble stage were busting out some huge sounds, while Ozone Breakdown (Tim Coombs and Frank Besant) gave us an awesome blend of classic house and dirty electro basslines and beats in the Temple Of Excess. That Girl DJ also ripped up the soundsystem (clearly the best on the site) also at the Temple Of Excess, and the legendary David Rodigan had the rather large crowd eating out of his hand on the main stage with his “lessons in Reggae” stylings.

If you’ve never been to a festival, or are just looking for something different to the standard “come and see the biggest bands all playing at the same time” type events that happen every other weekend of the year, then this one comes highly recommended from me.


  • Cheers for the link Neil! and see you at the Summer Shakedown!!

    Comment by Ozone breakdown on Tue 24 Aug 2010 at 12:13 pm

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