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Something that’s been on my mind this week came about after a trip to Brighton last weekend to attend the Big Beat Reunion. I got into DJing and clubbing in general via the big beat sound which, for me, encompassed the fun-loving, hedonistic side of clubbing, without being forced to stick to one particular style or tempo. I used to regularly make the three and a half hour journey from Somerset (where I used to live all that time ago) up to sunny (and sometimes not so sunny) Brighton to attend the infamous Big Beat Boutique, dance my cares away, high on nothing but the atmosphere, and then drive home having partied non stop to the sounds of Fatboy Slim, Cut La Roc, Lo-Fidelity Allstars and more.

The reunion gig, organised by Cut La Roc himself, and arranged to raise money for the Rocking Horse Charity was a real eye-opener, and a stroke of pure genius. Yes, it was a real nostalgia trip, but I was also there with people that really didn’t know what big beat was all about, and seeing them enjoy it too really confirmed to me how important this scene was to dance music.

Maybe it’s my ever-increasing age, or just a huge shift in mental approach to life, but clubbing seems to have lost it’s fun element over the years. Seeing all those people last weekend partying like mad to tunes we’ve all heard a hundred and one times before but still love, really brought into focus what’s lacking in club culture these days. Everything’s got too cool, too serious, and way too much about everything other than the music.

Let’s bring some fun back to dance music shall we?


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